Structural Damage & Repair

If your home has sagging floor joist and girder, you're dealing with a problem that manifests itself throughout the entire building. These problems can be caused by 3 main issues:

Inadequate Supports

Weakened Floor Joists and Girders

Support Settlement

Difference between replacing and reinforcing joists that have been damaged.

Often, replacement is not always necessary. Instead, installing a sister beam and sturdy joist supports are more than enough to address all the present damage and restore your structure to a stable condition.

When full replacement is necessary, the floor joist are cut our and removed and replaced.

A lot of the time the CMU block peirs will begin to lean or settle under the drop girders. This is due to the high levels of moisture. To repair, Carolina Waterproofing Company can come in  and build new CMU block peirs and new concrete footings to code.